AC VRV Daikin System

AC VRV Daikin System

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Specification of AC VRV Daikin System

Some technological advances in the field of Air Conditioner Air Conditioner, among others, is a split system VRV. VRV is short for Variable Refrigerant Volume. The definition of the variable here is not constant or fixed because the volume which circulates in the copper pipe will always change its pressure depending on the cooling requirement. There are many fundamental differences from the preceding system is ac split diantarannya is piping system, compressor and installation in the field. PT. Mechtron Mastevi Indonesia Sell AC VRV which is very much different from the usual split ac is much more expensive one of the factors that make it more expensive is the compressor system work and piping system. Some considerations if you want to decide to use type VRV among them.

1. In terms of indoor and outdoor locations. If the location is not
it is possible to use a regular split ac
using type vrv.

2. In terms of efficiency of room volume. If space is available for placement
outdor that perceived less type vrv is a wise solution.

3. In terms of maintenance or maintenance. We sell AC VRV that we guarantee
will be easier to care for, because the system is centralized.


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